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How to check who has viewed and visited your Facebook profile?

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In some cases you wanna find out people, who have visited and viewed your Facebook wall. There is no proper way to do this though Facebook functions. Many online sources have given the following trick.

  • Access your facebook account through FireFox or Google chrome.
  • From your Facebook page, make a right-click with mouse, then click on View Page Source

  • Next, a window of HTML text comes up, it shows complicated code and never mind. What we need to do is searching with the keyword “Initialchatfriendslist”. How to search with keyword? Press CTRL + F (in Windows) and Command (⌘) + F in MacOS.

  • The screen will show next to Initialchatfriendslist many profile IDs. Just pick one of them, and put after ( is an example from my case), access the url, you will know the one who did visit your Facebook profile.


At a web-developer, I would say this does not work. The above way just shows the facebook id of active friends from the contacts at the left-side bar. Indeed, facebook never let’s their users know who has visited their wall due to privacy. Contacting Mark Zuckerberg is the only solution.

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