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How to Create a Poll on Facebook, Fb App, and Messenger

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In this tutorial, we will show you How to create a poll on the following:

  • Facebook – News feed (Doable with Web and App)
  • Business page (Web only)
  • Event (Web only)
  • Group (Web only)
  • Messenger (Web only)
  • Facebook Story (doable in App only).

Until now, we would clarify that through Fb app on Android & iOS Phones, we can only create a poll either in a group when making a new update or go along with a Facebook story.

Go to your business page, then create a post at normal, and you will see the poll is very visible to select.

It is real quick to make a poll with an Facebook event.

  • From facebook web, create an event and click the link to go to the event details.
  • Next, scroll down the page to see a new post option, you then just select tab that says Create a poll. Take a look on the following screenshot to view the details.

How to Create a poll in a Facebook group?

Access the Facebook group through web-browser, when adding new update, you will be able to select “Create Poll” tab which is very visible.

How to Create a poll on Facebook news feed (post)?

Facebook never make this function available. Sharing a link are not shown in your update. But we still have a few tips.

  • Create an update at normal with text only, and add a note to let every-body knows that link is in the comments below.
  • Update the link in the first comment once you publish the post.

How to Create a poll in Facebook Messenger?

The true: You can make a poll when you are a member of a a group conversation.

  • From the group conversation in Facebook Messenger, hit the button at the bottom of the messenger window to show more options.

  • Click on Create a Poll icon (take a look on the below screenshot)

  • Next step, just fill a question or statement in the Ask a question box. 

  • You are now able to Add Option to add poll choices.

  • Next, click on Create Poll, and the poll is going to be shared with your group.

How to Create a poll on a Facebook story through Facebook app (iOS & Android).

This function does not exist to use through facebook web, but it is so easy to do when adding new story from your Phone.

Tap on “Stickers” option in the top right –> Select POLL –> Type your question, then tap Yes or No to fill up the answers –> Finally tap on Done in the top right corner.

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