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How to Turn Facebook Messenger Notifications OFF or ON with Text preview?

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How to Turn Facebook Messenger Notifications OFF or ON with Text preview management? The following instruction will clear all steps to do on iPhone (iOS) and Android phone.

on iPhone and iPad, we need to make 2 following adjustments:

How to turn Messenger notification OFF or ON?

  • Access Setting from iPhone screen.

  • Scroll down to tap on Messenger

  • Tap on Notifications

  • You now can set Allow Notification OFF and ON

From this step, we can Turn Messenger Notification ON with text preview (a limited number of text is shown on the screen).

  • By below screenshot, make sure you check all on “Lock screen” (show up when screen is locked), “Notification centre” and “Banner” under ALERTS and choose “Always” at Show previews.

  • Next, you need to turn on Messenger Notification under Messenger app setting.

+, Open messenger app, tap on the profile image at the top-left corner.

+, Tap on Notifications & Sounds

+, Make sure you turn on Show Preview

If you turn “Do Not Disturb” ON, you can silence calls, alerts, and notifications that you get while your device is locked. In this case, we ignore this.

And here is the result, new message is show on the lock-screen with preview text.

It’s much more simple to Turn OFF Facebook Messenger notifications and manage with Text preview on Android Phone.

  • Open Messenger, tap on Profile photo at the top-right corner.

  • Scroll-down to tap Notifications & Sounds

  • You then can Turn On or Disable Facebook Messenger notifications for a particular time period, select the preferable interval.

  • If you wanna show up text message accompanied with the notifications on the screen, just turn ON SMS notification Previews.

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