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How to upload Photo and Video into Facebook in HD quality

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In this post, we will show you how quick to modify the setting and be able to upload Photos (images) and Videos into Facebook with high quality (HD resolution) using Facebook web and Facebook app on iPhone (iOS) and Android Phone.

The quality of the media (video or photo) file will be remain the same when uploading to your Facebook through web.

However, if you are using Facebook app through iPhone, iPad or Android devices, you need to enable HD upload on images and videos in Fb setting.

How enable HD upload in facebook on iPhone and iPad?

It does not take long if you see the following steps.

  • Open Facebook app with your iOS device, tap on the Hamburger icon at the bottom-right corner.

  • Next, scroll until the end to tap on Setting & Privacy.

  • Tap on Settings.

  • Next, Tap on Videos and Photos

  • Enable Upload HD under VIDEO SETTINGS and PHOTO SETTINGS.


You are now able to upload your Videos and Photos into Facebook from your iPhone, iPad without loosing quality.

Guide upload Video and Photo into Facebook from Android phone without loosing quality.

  • Open Facebook app, tap on Hamburger icon at the top-right corner, then tap on Settings under Settings & Privacy.

  • Scroll down and tap on Media and Contacts.

  • Enable Upload photos in HD and Upload videos in HD.

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